Governor of Sidi Slimane Province Emphasizes the Importance of Rational Water Management

Alalam24, On Thursday, February 8, 2024, the Governor of Sidi Slimane Province, Abdelmajid El Kyak, chaired an important meeting dedicated to examining ways to manage water rationally in the context of the difficult climatic conditions that the Kingdom is experiencing.

In his opening speech, the Governor of Sidi Slimane highlighted the importance of water as a “precious resource” that needs to be preserved and used sustainably. He stressed that “the aim of this meeting is to establish a participatory action plan to address the problem of water scarcity and ensure access to this vital resource for all citizens.”

The Governor also stressed that “all the recommendations resulting from this meeting will be implemented on the ground with rigor,” indicating that “awareness raising and education will be key pillars of this plan, by expanding the circle of beneficiaries of awareness-raising activities and establishing communication with all sectors that use water.”

He emphasized “the need to apply the law rigorously to violators,” calling on local authorities to “cooperate with all stakeholders to ensure the success of this plan.”

The Governor affirmed that “the provincial authorities will enter, from this month, a phase of law enforcement and combating the phenomenon of water misuse, in order to preserve this vital resource and ensure access to it for all citizens.”

The Governor of Sidi Slimane also highlighted the authorities’ commitment to mobilizing all their potential to ensure sustainable water use for all citizens. He also described this meeting as a performance evaluation and urged local authorities to enforce the law rigorously against violators.



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