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 Morocco Earthquake Update: Death Toll Rises, Relief Efforts Continue

Alalam24, The Ministry of Interior has released an updated casualty report as of Wednesday evening, revealing the devastating impact of the recent earthquake. The earthquake has claimed the lives of 2,946 people, with 2,944 of them already laid to rest. Our thoughts and prayers are with the departed as they find eternal peace. Additionally, the number of injured individuals has reached 5,674

In their official statement, the Ministry specified that 1,684 fatalities occurred in the Hoz region, while 980 were reported in the Taroudant region. Fortunately, no new fatalities have been recorded in the other affected provinces and regions

The Ministry reaffirmed that public authorities are tirelessly working to provide care for the injured, shelter for the affected, and delivering essential food and medical aid to those in need. Furthermore, they are actively involved in restoring traffic on the damaged roads. At the same time, all necessary resources are being mobilized to address the profound impacts of this tragic event


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