Russian Scientists Develop New Method for Recycling Medical Plastic Waste

Scientists at Vyatska State University in Russia have recently developed a new method for recycling medical plastic waste without producing toxic substances.

According to the scientists, the most effective way to dispose of plastic is to burn it in an electric field, which ensures complete oxidation of the material’s hydrocarbon base by atmospheric oxygen.

They explain that depending on their type, different physical, chemical, and thermal methods are used to act on the “polymer” chain and obtain lower molar mass materials.

According to them, the most effective and safest method for disposing of medical “polymer” products is incineration. They note that traditional incineration produces a large amount of incomplete oxidation products, such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, phenols, and carcinogenic dioxins.

The proper choice of a waste disposal method is essential to ensure the most complete possible waste disposal and the safety of the final treatment products. Indeed, failure to eliminate certain categories of waste can have serious environmental consequences, leading to the entry of waste residues into the soil, air, and living organisms.

The proposed technology can serve as the basis for new energy-efficient waste incineration plants.

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