the Second International Conference on Current Issues in Higher Education

In collaboration with the National Centre for Scientific and Technical Research (CNRST), The Research Laboratory in Literature, Language, Culture and Communication (RLLLCC) of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities – Beni Mellal, is pleased to announce the organization of the Second International Conference on Current Issues in Higher Education under the theme “Artificial Intelligence in Academia: Prospects and Challenges”. The acts of the conference will take place at the Faculty in Beni Mellal – Sultan Moulay Slimane University on May 22nd and 23rd, 2024.

Drawing upon the success of the previous edition of the conference, the theme of which was on “Towards Quality Tertiary Education in the 21st Century: Challenges and Prospects” (May 18th, 19th, 2022), the current edition will address a high-tech topic not only for scholars and doctoral researchers but also for the public in general. Challenges, impacts and possible uses of Artificial Intelligence in higher education and in academic scientific research will be brought to light through a number of scientific contributions by a selection of esteemed participants from Morocco, England, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia to mention but a few.

The Conference’s Call for Papers states that “Whether they are ‘digital natives’ or ‘digital immigrants’, academicians are now facing – or participating in – an unprecedented phase of information technology with impacts on the current learning and teaching models and on methods of conducting and disseminating research. These implications and impacts of AI have also been felt in the context of institutions of Arts and Humanities in particular, thus bringing to the fore questions having to do with the manners in which literary and language disciplines are to cope now and later with this phenomenon which has become a tool offering opportunities but presenting challenges too.”


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