Microsoft Develops AI Weather Prediction Model

Microsoft, a global technology leader, has announced the development of an AI weather prediction model. The company said in a statement that “in response to the limitations of advanced AI weather prediction systems, we have developed Aurora, an AI model designed to extract valuable insights from comprehensive atmospheric datasets.”

The company explained that “Aurora” offers a new approach to weather prediction with the potential to revolutionize forecasts and mitigate the impacts of climate change events. Microsoft trained Aurora on over a million hours of weather and climate simulations, allowing it to develop a comprehensive understanding of atmospheric dynamics. This enables the model to excel in various prediction tasks, even in areas with limited data or extreme weather conditions.

Aurora operates with a spatial resolution of 0.1 degrees, reaching approximately 11 kilometers at the equator, capturing intricate details of atmospheric processes. This provides unprecedented accuracy in operational forecasts while reducing costs compared to traditional systems. It is also versatile, capable of predicting a wide range of atmospheric variables, including temperature, wind speed, air pollution levels, and greenhouse gas concentrations.


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