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Moroccan Government Approves Decree on the Basic System for National Education Employees

Alalam24, The Moroccan government, during its meeting held on Wednesday in Rabat, approved a draft decree regarding the basic system for employees in the national education sector

Mustapha Baytas, the Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with Parliament and the Government Spokesperson, stated during a press conference following the weekly council meeting that this project, presented by Shakib Benmoussa, the Minister of National Education, Primary Education, and Sports, is part of the implementation of the legal framework related to the education, training, and scientific research system. It also aligns with the objectives outlined in the new development model and the government program (2021-2026), which places significant importance on education as a cornerstone of the country’s social structure

He added that the government aims to elevate the teaching profession by involving the most representative education unions, as reflected in the agreement signed on January 14, 2023, under the supervision of the Prime Minister. This agreement established the key principles for the new basic system for employees in the national education sector

Additionally, this project aims to implement the commitments outlined in the Educational Reform Roadmap (2022-2026), particularly in establishing a system to manage the professional path, focusing on enhancing performance for the benefit of learners

Mr. Baytas emphasized that due to the urgency of this decree project, the ministry proposed a draft law (Law No. 2.23.781) to review the provisions related to human resources. This draft law was approved by the government council on September 14, 2023, and subsequently approved by the Committees on Education and Cultural, Social, and Humanitarian Affairs in both the House of Representatives and the House of Councillors

In line with these directives, a project for this decree was developed, encompassing all human resources working in the national education sector, including the integration of the regulatory frameworks of regional academies for education and training and the abolition of the previously existing twelve (12) systems

The government’s spokesperson pointed out that this decree project was prepared collaboratively with the most representative education unions. To facilitate this, a high-level committee, chaired by the Minister of National Education, Primary Education, and Sports, and including the general secretaries of the most representative education unions that signed the aforementioned agreement, held six meetings. Additionally, a joint technical committee between the administration and these unions hel twenty-four meetings

It should be noted that this decree, set to be effective from September 1, 2023, is based on fundamental principles aimed at achieving integration, coherence, enhancing the attractiveness of the profession, ensuring mandatory basic and continuous training, and recognizing entitlements. It also emphasizes unity, motivation, commitment, responsibility, and performance

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