Morocco Tops Foreign Workforce in Belgium, According to Report by “Asserta” Foundation

Alalam24, The “Asserta” Foundation, specialized in human resources, reported that Morocco is the primary source of foreign labor in Belgium after Belgians themselves, accounting for 9 percent of the workforce in the labor market

According to the report by “Asserta,” Moroccans come after Belgians (84.2 percent) and are ahead of the French (8.2 percent), the Dutch (7.3 percent), Romanians (7 percent), and then the Poles (5.6 percent). It noted that 15.8 percent of active individuals in the labor market last year did not hold Belgian nationality, which is a new record

The report further states that in 2021, the rate of workers from another country was 14.8 percent, compared to only 12.6 percent in 2017, adding that the two nationalities with the largest increase were Ukrainians (+97.7 percent compared to 2021) and Afghans (+13.9 percent)

“Asserta” notes that in the face of a significant labor shortage affecting certain sectors, companies that cannot find suitable skills are increasingly turning to foreign labor to meet their needs

Most foreigners are active in the transportation and logistics sectors (representing 25.7 percent of non-Belgians), followed by catering (21.1 percent), hotels and restaurants (18.8 percent), and construction (17.8 percent)

“Asserta” also indicates that besides the goal of filling vacant positions, research has repeatedly shown that diversity is beneficial for the work environment and creativity

However, the report adds that three out of every four companies lack a diversity policy aimed at integrating different nationalities and cultures in the workplace more effectively, along with tangible objectives



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