GITEX Africa Morocco 2024.. The Digital Development Agency at the service of promoting innovation and new technologies

In the era of the digital revolution, which has seen the advent of new information and communication technologies, several advances have shaped the world and profoundly disrupted our lifestyles and practices in many sectors of activity. This digital shift undoubtedly opens up new and promising horizons for a future dominated by digital tools and technological innovation at the service of humanity.

In the digital age, the world is evolving rapidly and it is essential to stay informed and take part in this revolution. In this sense, the African continent is not on the sidelines of this spectacular evolution and finds itself obliged to follow the new trends recorded in the field of digital innovation and to draw inspiration, even to appropriate and adopt the best practices in the field and thus benefit from its many benefits.

In this context, Africa has countless assets and potential that are favorable to its immersion in this expanding universe, positioning it as an emerging continental hub. This is why the organization of Gitex Africa Morocco in Marrakech aims to establish itself as a major player in this highly competitive global arena.

GITEX Africa Morocco 2024, scheduled from May 29 to 31 in Marrakech, is shaping up to be the flagship event for technology and innovation on the continent. Placed under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, May God Assist Him, this major international event, organized under the aegis of the Ministry of Digital Transition and Administration Reform (MTNRA) in partnership with the Digital Development Agency (ADD) and Kaoun International, aims to be a real opportunity for digital progress and entrepreneurial development and underlines Morocco’s continued commitment to making the African continent an attractive digital destination.

The Digital Development Agency (ADD), a key player in this organization, plays a crucial role in the realization and success of this major event. It should be recalled that a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Digital Development Agency and Dubai World Trade Center / KAOUN International on October 12, 2022 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for the organization of the African version of GITEX Global, which is being exported for the first time outside Dubai after more than four decades of existence in the UAE.

Aware of its role as a catalyst for the development of digital technology in our country, the ADD is deploying considerable efforts to promote the use of digital technology and contributes with the various components of public and private ecosystems to the establishment of a new digital culture at the level of the administration, business and society. In addition, this Agency, within the framework of its missions, works to support innovative entrepreneurship, skills reinforcement and human development through a participatory and concerted approach with all stakeholders.

At the first edition of Gitex Africa Morocco, the ADD took this opportunity to highlight the commitment of public institutions to accelerate the digitization of public services and also to highlight the potential of our country in terms of innovative young companies through exhibition and scientific animation spaces where Moroccan experts and young talents shared their expertise and know-how in the new global digital trades. This participation has allowed these players to gain wide visibility and openness to the international market and to also favor networking with potential investors and decision-makers in search of business opportunities.

For this second edition, the enthusiasm and interest shown by the startup community is much more significant than that of the previous year since 200 Moroccan startups will be selected to participate in this global meeting as part of an operation called “Morocco 200”. Morocco 200, an operation supported by the Ministry of Digital Transition and Digital Transition Reform in partnership with the Digital Development Agency, aims to select 200 Moroccan startups that will benefit from coverage of 95% of their participation costs.

In addition, GITEX Africa Morocco enjoys the support of several institutional partners including ANRT, ONDA, ONCF, RAM, OCP and CGEM, which reflect the ambition to contribute to the success of the event and the promotion of our country.

The organization by Morocco of the GITEX Africa Morocco international exhibition testifies in more than one way to the crucial role played by the Kingdom of Morocco in strengthening and developing partnerships with African countries in several areas of activity, in application of the High Guidelines of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, May God Assist Him, which advocate for diversifying and perpetuating South-South cooperation.

By placing new technologies and innovation at the heart of its projects, the ADD, under the aegis of the Ministry and in collaboration with other strategic partners, is making Gitex Africa Morocco a challenge to be met by mobilizing all means to establish an inclusive digital vision for a responsible and sustainable digital transition.

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