“International Publishing Exhibition Attracts “Reading Project

The Scientific Research Institute, in its Moroccan branch, has announced the participation of the National Reading Project in the International Publishing and Book Exhibition, organized in Rabat from May 10 to 19. This participation is part of the Institute’s belief in the importance of spreading the culture of reading and making it a deep-rooted practice in society.

The project’s participation comes within the framework of the fruitful cooperation and effective coordination between the Ministry of National Education, Primary Education and Sports Training and the Scientific Research Institute, and their continuous efforts to root the culture of reading and make it a societal priority. The exhibition will offer a rich program of workshops and varied activities, aimed at encouraging visitors to discover the pleasure of reading and promoting participation in the project’s four competitions.

The program aims to spread the culture of reading and includes several events and activities suitable for all ages, including cultural conferences that discuss important topics related to the importance of reading and its role in the development of the individual and society, in addition to creative workshops aimed at teaching skills related to the aspect of reading and thinking.


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