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Minister Bensaid receives a delegation from the National Association of Media and Publishers to discuss the contents of the decree to support Moroccan journalism

alalam24After the approval of the decree to support journalism, Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication Mr. Mehdi Bensaid received a delegation of the president and members of the executive board of the National Association of Media and Publishers on Wednesday. The delegation included colleagues Driss Chahtane, Fatima Zahra Eloriagli, Aziz Daki, and Mohamed Haitami.

It is worth noting that the meeting discussed a number of points included in the decree, such as the concept of investment and support for small, medium and large enterprises, and enhancing their presence on the national and international scene. The content of the media material was also discussed. Minister Bensaid expressed the need to have a strong press capable of conveying the image of Morocco today and the development it has witnessed over the past twenty years at the regional and international levels. He added that the ministry will work to program continuous training for journalists to keep abreast of global developments.

Mr. Driss Chahtane, president of the National Association of Media and Publishers, also stressed the importance of opening the way for professionals to discuss the contents of the decree, as this reflects the participatory vision that the ministry is adopting, which aims to rehabilitate, develop and restructure the journalism sector, and enhance the existence of a strong and influential press.

For her part, Fatima Eloriagli, vice president of the association, reviewed the importance of supporting media institutions and investment, especially in light of the economic challenges they face after the period of the Corona pandemic. She stressed the need to strengthen the journalistic body by strengthening media institutions.

Hassan Haitami, a member of the association, stressed that this decree represents a major transformation and turning point in the development of journalistic enterprises, as well as keeping pace with the transition from print journalism to digital journalism. He also pointed to the importance of investment, training journalists, and improving their purchasing power, as more than one billion dirhams have been allocated for this purpose over five years. The disbursement of support will be linked to certain conditions, including the preservation of jobs and the grant disbursement program; to enable institutions to benefit from support in the following year and attract competencies.

Therefore, it is important for media institutions to fully benefit from this support and to direct it effectively to enhance professionalism and achieve the positive impact of journalism in Moroccan society.

Journalists must invest in developing their skills and working professionally and responsibly to achieve sustainable change and improvement in the journalism sector in Morocco. Thanks to this new support, it is expected that the Moroccan journalism sector will witness a significant improvement in the quality and diversity of content, in addition to strengthening the role of journalism in conveying information and raising public awareness.

This step reflects the Moroccan government’s commitment to supporting freedom of the press and developing the media sector. We hope that this support will be the beginning of a new stage of progress and development in this vital sector.


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