Google Celebrates Morocco’s 68th Independence Day: A Tribute to Historical Milestones

Alalam24, In its longstanding tradition, the search engine giant, Google, joined Moroccans on November 18th to commemorate the 68th anniversary of the Kingdom’s Independence Day. Google marked the occasion by adorning its homepage with the vibrant colors of the Moroccan flag

The American tech giant celebrated Morocco on its homepage with a special “Google Doodle” featuring the Moroccan flag gracefully waving against a backdrop of a blue sky. Clicking on the doodle provides additional information about this illustrious period in the country’s history

This auspicious anniversary marks a crucial chapter in the establishment of modern Morocco, initiated by the historic speech of the revered Father of the Nation, the late King Mohammed V. The declaration signaled the end of the protectorate system and the liberation of the nation

On November 18, 1955, upon his return with the royal family from exile, King Mohammed V announced the termination of the French protectorate, symbolizing the dawn of freedom and independence. This momentous occasion marked the transition from the struggle of the minor jihad to the major jihad, symbolizing the triumph of the King and the people’s revolution

Google consistently pays homage to Morocco’s Independence Day each year, illustrating its commitment to recognizing and celebrating national milestones. The search engine has previously honored various Moroccan figures, showcasing its appreciation for the rich cultural and historical tapestry of the nation

Google’s commemoration of Morocco’s 68th Independence Day serves as a digital tribute to the remarkable journey of the nation. The artistic representation on the homepage reflects not only respect for history but also an acknowledgment of the enduring spirit that led to the establishment of an independent and sovereign Morocco

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