Immunity” Magazine.. Experts Close to Developing a Composite Vaccine Against All Influenza Viruses”

According to the American medical journal “Immunity”, experts are close to developing a composite vaccine against influenza using antibody isolation.

Scientists at Vanderbilt University Medical Center have taken a significant step towards developing a composite vaccine against influenza viruses.

According to the same source, the research team conducted an experiment by isolating antibodies from the bone marrow of a previously vaccinated person. The results showed that the antibody “FluB-400” can reduce the rate of virus replication in human epithelial cells.

In addition to laboratory studies, animal tests were also conducted, which confirmed that injections and nasal sprays protect against influenza B. This means that “FluB-400” could form the basis for developing a composite vaccine against all types of influenza.

It is noteworthy that influenza B viruses (IBV) constitute a large proportion of seasonal influenza viruses circulating among humans. At the same time, current vaccines cannot stimulate an immune response against multiple types of viruses simultaneously.

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