Artificial intelligence predicts students college future

Researchers from Columbia University have found that new techniques can analyze student data and predict their future academic trajectories.

Artificial intelligence can analyze students’ college admission essays and provide accurate predictions about the university that is best for them.

The study found that students who logically connect different concepts in their essays tend to get higher grades in college.

This study suggests that using intelligent technologies to analyze student data can help improve predictions of higher education trajectories and provide students with the necessary support.

In this regard, the expert in artificial intelligence, technology and information security, Choukri Jaafar, told the media:

  • “Predicting a student’s college future is an analysis-based process that involves providing the algorithm model with the analyzes and data of each student throughout their academic journey.”
  • “There is a research paper that studies, analyzes data and predicts the path of each student.”
  • “This research paper cannot be used for personal purposes, as is the case with ChatGPT technology.”
  • “Not everyone should get carried away by artificial intelligence as a substitute for personal choice in crucial decisions.”
  • “It is commercial services that use the process of predicting the university future and not universities.”
  • “Artificial intelligence models have reached a level of maturity that makes users satisfied with their use.”




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