Students of the National Higher School of Chemistry Embody the Spirit of Solidarity and Citizenship

In the spirit of solidarity and contribution to improving the living conditions of all segments of society, the “Eleos” association of engineering students at the National Higher School of Chemistry at Ibn Tufail University in Kenitra organized an exceptional humanitarian campaign over two days, on Friday, May 10 and Saturday, May 11, 2024, in partnership with the “Rعاية” association for awareness and medical services and the “Al Qaws” association for social development, for the benefit of the inhabitants of the douar Sidi Said in the province of Khénifra.

The campaign consisted of distributing food aid, clothing and blankets to more than 200 people, as well as school supplies to the students of the school. The role of the engineering students did not stop there; they also carried out renovation, maintenance and beautification work on the Sidi Said schools, with the aim of transforming them into a more cheerful and aesthetically pleasing space.

The medical team of the Rعاية association also provided various medical services to the inhabitants of the douar, including examinations and medical consultations in fields such as general medicine, ophthalmological specialties, internal medicine, diabetes and gynecological diseases. The campaign also organized recreational activities for children to bring them joy and happiness.

On this occasion, the Eleos association expressed its thanks and gratitude to the local authorities and the Royal Gendarmerie for the efforts made to ensure the success of this humanitarian campaign. It also thanked the administration of the National Higher School of Chemistry, all its staff and teachers, and all those who participated from near or far in the organization of this humanitarian initiative.

This humanitarian convoy embodies the spirit of solidarity and citizenship, where students demonstrate selflessness and sacrifice to help others. It is an initiative that reflects noble human values.

And it is important to encourage these young men and women to continue to make positive contributions to society, and to emphasize that our country urgently needs such associations full of intellectual and human energies to achieve sustainable development.

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