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Morocco and Panama Strengthen Bilateral Ties: A Fruitful Meeting

Alalam24, On Wednesday, the President of the House of Councillors, Naeem Meara, welcomed Vladimir Franco, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Panama, at the council’s headquarters in Rabat. The two sides engaged in fruitful discussions, providing an opportunity to reaffirm the urgent desire of both countries to enhance their relations and inject new momentum into their bilateral cooperation across various fields

President of the House of Councillors expressed satisfaction with the positive level of political relations between the two friendly nations, built on cooperation, solidarity, and mutual respect

Regarding the Western Sahara issue, Meara praised Panama’s recent stance, considering that “the United Nations remains the suitable mechanism to bring all involved parties together in the search for a political solution to this fabricated conflict,” expressing support for the autonomy initiative as the sole basis for a just and lasting resolution

The official stated that this stance will undoubtedly pave the way for advancing economic, trade, and cultural relations between the two countries, capitalizing on all available potentials and opportunities

President of the Council emphasized “the importance of parliamentary cooperation as a gateway to elevate bilateral collaboration and establish continuous channels for dialogue and coordination between the two friendly peoples,” highlighting “the strong will of the House of Councillors to develop cooperation ties with the legislative institution in the Republic of Panama”

In turn, the Panamanian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs acknowledged Morocco’s keen interest in developing its relationship with Panama. He noted that his current visit is part of the new dynamics initiated by his country’s fresh stance on the Western Sahara conflict, which is expected to further strengthen in the future


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