Strengthening Bilateral Relations: Morocco-Hungary Cooperation

Alalam24, Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Nasser Bourita, affirmed on Wednesday in Rabat that the relations between Morocco and Hungary have significantly evolved in recent years. This transformation, he noted, is attributed to the keen interest of His Majesty King Mohammed VI in diversifying partnerships with European Union countries

In a joint press conference with his Hungarian counterpart, Péter Szijjártó, following their talks, Bourita stated, “We have worked together to establish a strong and unique model of cooperation.” He highlighted that the two nations share divergent perspectives on various international issues, given their rich histories and future aspirations

Bourita emphasized that the Morocco-Hungary cooperation model could serve as an inspiration for enhancing relations with other countries, particularly as it is grounded in genuine solidarity

Commending Hungary’s clear stances, particularly on national issues such as the Western Sahara, Bourita expressed the mutual importance both countries place on political dialogue. He underscored the significant development in their political coordination, evident in bilateral meetings and international gatherings

Regarding bilateral economic cooperation, Bourita highlighted the contributions of Hungarian economic actors in advancing economic collaboration between the two countries. He emphasized that Morocco is now a key trading partner for Hungary in both the Arab and African regions

Bourita also reviewed other areas of bilateral cooperation, including scholarships, tourism, aviation links, and technology. Discussing Morocco’s relations with the European Union, he stated that Hungary is a supportive partner in enhancing these ties based on mutual respect, openness, and serving common interests

The Minister concluded that his meeting with the Hungarian counterpart was an opportunity to address several regional and international issues, expressing that their positions on these matters often converge, aiming for global security, peace, and stability

In summary, Bourita characterized the visit of Hungary’s Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister to Morocco as “important” and “successful,” contributing added value to the development of bilateral relations. He recalled the impactful visit of King Mohammed VI to Hungary in 2016, which played a pivotal role in building strong ties between the two nations

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