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Project to Develop the Center of Oulad Bourahma: A Strategic Leap to Strengthen the Attractiveness of the Kenitra Free Industrial Platform

alalam24, On Tuesday, December 5, 2023, the governor of the Kenitra province presided over the meeting of the local technical committee to study the project to develop the center of Oulad Bourahma, which hosts the integrated and free industrial platform of Kenitra, the second automotive hub in Morocco after Tangier and the third industrial hub after Tangier and Casablanca.

This multi-functional pole at the regional and metropolitan level of Greater Kenitra aims to implement the vision of integration between the three industrial poles, which reinforces its economic role as a major driver of development, a locomotive that contributes to the development of other regions of the region, and a high-quality living environment for the local population by integrating the industrial zone and the zone dedicated to its expansion, creating additional spaces to accommodate new and future investment projects.

All stakeholders are therefore seeking to provide a favorable climate for welcoming promising industrial projects and following the stages of their implementation. This project therefore embodies the special attention that the provincial, regional, communal, and decentralized authorities are paying to the development of the plan to develop the center of Oulad Bourahma in the municipality of Amer sefri, which hosts the integrated and free automotive industries platform of Kenitra, which covers an area of 527 hectares and has attracted significant international investments, including the global Peugeot group, as well as leading Chinese, Japanese, and American companies, which form integrated industrial systems that contribute to wealth creation, recording 140 billion dirhams in exports and creating nearly 40,000 jobs.

On the technical level, after the opening speech by the provincial governor, Fouad Mohammadi, the director of the Kenitra-Sidi Kacem-Sidi Slimane urban agency explained the importance of this project, which represents a coherent and integrated urban and organizational framework that is compatible with many of the existing and surrounding infrastructure and territorial components of the study area. In addition to the plan to develop the industrial and logistics zone of Oulad Bourahma, approved last April, the project to develop the center of Oulad Bourahma is an additional link that will help to give a strong boost to the integrated free industrial platform of Kenitra, while also keeping pace with the economic and social dynamics of this region, especially the municipality of Amer sefri, and seeking to stabilize the local population and limit rural exodus, in line with the strategic orientations of the Ministry of National Spatial Planning, Urbanism, Housing, and City Policy, which aim to increase the territorial offer for investment, accompany sectoral development strategies and major projects, as well as support the development of rural areas and strengthen their economic attractiveness.

In conclusion, the project to develop the center of Oulad Bourahma is a qualitative step that reflects the future vision of the urban agency under the supervision and monitoring of the governor to make Kenitra a leading industrial center that benefits from the industrial acceleration and keeps pace with economic and social developments. The agency is mobilizing all its material, human, and logistical resources to transform this step into a strategic investment based on opening promising perspectives for a sustainable economic future. A qualified team of agency employees is working on preparing studies, simplifying administrative procedures, and removing obstacles in front of investors.



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