YouTube Launches New Design for Smart TV App

Alalam24, YouTube has announced a new innovative step in the world of entertainment and communication by launching a new design for its Smart TV app.

This initiative is part of the platform’s ongoing efforts to improve the user experience and offer more features and functionalities.

According to YouTube, in its official blog, the new app interface will be available on Smart TVs in the coming weeks. Its main objective is to enhance user interaction with content and provide additional information in a simple and clear way while watching videos.

One of the new design features is the reduction of the video player size, allowing users to view additional information such as video descriptions and comments without disrupting the main content they are watching.

YouTube has emphasized that the goal of this new design is to offer a rich and distraction-free experience on television. Users can now enjoy the content and information available in a fluid and comfortable way.

Other additions include making it easier to control the app via remote controls, which makes navigation and access to different options easier and faster.


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